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March 22 Devontional By Elena Grande
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March 22 Devontional By Elena Grande

Posted on Tue, Mar 22, 2011

March 22, 2011 Elena Grande

12th Day of Lent Pslams 22:23-31

In living in a religious community most of us have come to accept that we must all have a mutual understanding of the entity of the lord. We feel whatever is written in scripture, we must follow whole-heartedly. Its quite evident that we have our doubts as well. Theology is somewhat of an enormity that we can't seem to fully wrap our minds around, even though we continue to assure ourselves we do. We fear that we aren't fully dedicated to the beliefs set out for us in our denonmination. What God is trying to tell us is, as individuals we have our own seperate beliefs. Though they are similar, they each stand on their own in a way that cannot be touched by mere mortals themselves. Influnced in our religous society plays an important part in the decisions we make as followers of God. What if we actually took the time to consider our own beliefs on the subject at hand? God is trying to tell us in the simplest of ways that if we believe and worship with our utmost ability, it is our choice on how you do so. He does not want us to keep the faith and abundance of hope to yourselves, but to reach out to others and those who have found a dead end at a seemingly treacherous life. Our love for ourselves and each other is found within our love for God, and if we must search to find that, he will surley guide us every step of the way.
































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