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March 19: "A Grateful Heart" - Simon Greenberg
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March 19: "A Grateful Heart" - Simon Greenberg

Posted on Sat, Mar 19, 2011

March 19, 2011 

10th Day of Lent 

A Grateful Heart

One does not need to fast for days and meditate for hours at a time to experience the sense of sublime mystery which constantly envelops us. All one need do is notice intelligently, if even for a brief moment, a blossoming tree, a forest flooded with autumn colors, an infant smiling.


Simon Greenberg












   Discussion: March 19: "A Grateful Heart" - Simon Greenberg
Blackmer, Dick · 10 years, 2 months ago


This article was copied from previous devotional then text in box replaced and "db" added below box ~11:30PM March 18: [Home » News » Lenten Devotionals & Coming Events » March 19: "A Grateful Heart" - Simon Greenberg]. Start date: 2011/03/19 Stop date: 2011/03/20 Priority: 45 >> Make Changes: "Future (1)" appeared in yellow edit bar At 4:23AM March 19: article had been posted (probably after midnight) under Roberta's March 18 devotional and "Future (0)" was in the yellow bar.


PS: Had to add two returns to avoid loss of words at end of above last line (and three here)...




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