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April 24, 2011 Devotional
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April 24, 2011 Devotional

Posted on Sun, Apr 24, 2011


 April 24, 2011 The Complete Book of Christian Prayer

Easter Day

O Lord God, our Father.  You are the light that can never be put out; and now you give us a light that shall drive away all darkness.  You are love without coldness, and you have given us such warmth in our hearts that we can love all when we meet.  You are the life that defies death, and you have opened for us the way that leads to eternal life.

None of us is a great Christian; we are all humble and ordinary.  But your grace is enough for us.  Arouse in us that small degree of joy and thankfulness of which we are capable; to the timid, faith which we can muster, to the cautious, obedience which we cannot refuse, and thus to the wholeness of life which you have prepared for all of us through the death and resurrection of your Son.  Do not allow any of us to remain apathetic or indifferent to the wondrous glory of Easter, but let the light of our risen Lord reach every corner of our dull hearts.


 Karl Barth, 1886-1968


Christ is now risen again

From his death and all his pain:

Therefore will we merry be,

And rejoice with him gladly.


Had he not risen again,

We had been lost, this is plain:

But since he is risen in deed,

Let us love him all with speed.


Now is a time of gladness,

To sing of the Lord’s goodness:

Therefore glad now will we be,

And rejoice in him only.


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