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Churches should take positions about societal issues: 18 Votes 1 Posts Feb 15, 2011
Do you believe in a place of eternal damnation God has for some people after they die? 27 Votes 0 Posts Dec 25, 2010
Should Christians evangelize people of other faiths? 4 Votes 0 Posts Apr 29, 2008
Which would you most like to hear about in a sermon? 15 Votes 0 Posts Feb 22, 2008
How do you feel about passing the peace? 19 Votes 6 Posts Nov 14, 2007
How many times a month would you like to get email from the church? 6 Votes 0 Posts Jun 20, 2007
What should ministers wear in worship? 19 Votes 2 Posts Apr 16, 2007
How often do you read the bible? 6 Votes 0 Posts Jan 30, 2007