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First Reformed Church
About Our Church

Welcoming All People

Our biblical convictions and congregational commitments call us to welcome all people to our community of faith. We are a church where all people are loved and invited to share in our life together, inclusive of all sexual orientations or gender identities. 


In addtion to street parking, there are four areas set aside for your use when attending events and worship. You may use all the lots within sight of the church for events here.


Our office is open from 8 am to 4 pm weekdays all year long. The library, the sanctuary, and church facilities are open for your use during these times. Community groups and individuals may book space at the church by contacting the church office.


Membership in the First Reformed Church is open to all. Classes are held on a regular basis to help orient people to the building, the leadership, and the programs of the church. New Member Class is on the first Sunday of the month at 3pm and meet in the church office.  Call 377-2201 for more info.



is provided through our Kinderwyk program staffed by professionals and members located in Friendship Hall down stairs from the main sanctuary.  Care is offered from 9:50am to noon every Sunday morning.

Church School

Children through Junior High are invited to leave worship after the children’s message and go to church school. From 10:15 to noon, activities are offered so that parents might attend the Sunday Forum.


These classes prepare youth for entry into adulthood and membership in the church.

Adult Education

Offerings include Sunday morning studies, Kerygma Bible study Wednesday mornings, and the Adult Forum that meets after worship most Sundays.


Our worship is open to all.

Sunday Morning Worship

We worship every Sunday morning at 10am, but you may wish to come a few minutes early for our inspiring organ prelude that begins at 9:40.

Jazz Vespers

Every Sunday at 5pm you are welcome to a reflective service of mostly jazz music featuring professional musicians and some readings. 

Wednesday Evening Worship

Second Wednesday of the month at 7pm  we gather for a reflective liturgical service in the sanctuary.

Weddings and Funerals

Members and non-members are welcome to have their religious ceremonies in our worship spaces.


The First Reformed Church is a member of the Reformed Church in America. We are an historic protestant denomination that traces its roots to the Netherlands. Our denomination is similar to a representative democracy, with elected church leaders making decisions with clergy at every level. In the broadest possible terms, our denomination believes that a benevolent God is in charge. This God is revealed in Jesus Christ. This revelation rescues us.