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First Reformed Church, Schenectady
First Reformed Church, Schenectady

FRC Reopening:  6/10/2020-FDa29nYexKuxhdAl_sOVUbd7IYeDx4PI2J9DIvkQPlgo0fJkMigzxwLZEjwxSWIQNaywM7m3ibK3f5uzyiCRSPKC5HQS8ukGBajuJRUrF8At81Q5lVDjvd10lnuH8h1AylV_Yrm

We understand that there are several important concerns that need to be balanced as we reopen. 

1. Safety  - We will follow the most recent mandates from the State of New York and the Schenectady County Health Department, including wearing masks, distancing, and density of gatherings. If there is a conflict between this document and those regulations, the more restrictive regulations will prevail. We will proceed with caution and deliberation which may be a bit frustrating when other venues seem more open. Churches are particularly contagious places because of the age of most participants, the singing and speaking that takes place, and the socialization that is an inherent part of worship.

2. Fellowship and Study Continue - Following safety protocols noted above, we will make social and educational opportunities available. We will continue to have online meetings on Zoom and other ways to help people connect no matter what other steps are taken. 

3. In-Person Worship - Following safety protocols noted above, we will work towards having worship services that allow increasing elements of physical presence.  Child care and church school will not be available for the time being. Worship may not have the congregational singing you are used to for a bit. 

Since things change so rapidly, here are the recommendations for June effective immediately based on the above principles. 

  1. All employees and people who use the building are asked to self-monitor their health and exposure and to not be present if they have been exposed or have any untoward symptoms at all. 

  2. Access to the building is allowed if

    1. Face masks are worn unless presenting or alone and social distance kept

    2. Entrants other than worship attendants must be presenters in programs and the rehearsals required, or 1 - 3 individuals working on committee or program tasks approved by chair or staff

    3. Use must be scheduled with the church office

    4. Office still closed until plexiglass shields up

  3. Outside venues, particularly the Memorial Courtyard may be used for activities if the following requirements are met:

    1. Scheduled with church office

    2. Masks worn, distance kept.

    3. No bathroom use or interior access of any type.

    4. No church tables or chairs will be taken outside, but light furniture may be brought and taken away. 

  4. We will make opportunities for up to 50 parishioners to attend worship beginning with the June 21 service.  This is less than 10% of the occupancy of the sanctuary. 

    1. Participants must reserve online or by calling the office and leaving a message by 9am and may be checked in. 

    2. There will be no hymns sung, and no choir.  A cantor-type singer will sing with the responses and hymns

    3. There may be no bulletin, so people are encouraged to bring their devices to follow the service. 

    4. Spots to sit will be marked on the pews or seats will be spaced in Covenant Hall and ushers will help.

    5. Offerings will be taken at the doors. Online contributions are encouraged.

    6. Face masks will be required unless presenting 

    7. Please enter through the office doors. 

    8. There is no socializing in the building but the courtyard will be available before and after the service, but no refreshments will be served at the moment. 

    9. Only the atrium bathrooms will be used.

    10. The columbarium will be open before and after worship. 

  5. Given what we learn in June, we will make other decisions for July. 



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